Production Services

The greatest country in the world, Iceland has become one of the most saught after locations. Home to Game of Thrones, Fortitude, James Bond, Batman, Thor – the god of thunder, Walter Mitty, Interstellar, Star Trek, Star Wars,  Fast and the Furious and many other. Iceland with its unique locations is an attractive option for filming. Icelands film industry is filled with experienced quality crews and world class actors. The enviornment is friendly and looked upon positively both by natives and politicians.

Reimbursement of costs is currently 25% incurred in the production of films and television programmes.

Snilli Films services projects and budgets of all sizes. We offer personal and honest service to everyone. With an experienced and friendly staff, we promise we will always provide the best service available with the best people.


  • Script development
  • Budgeting
  • Equipment
  • Casting
  • Location scouting and permits
  • Transportation and Logistics &
  • Pre production
  • Film crew
  • Accommodation
  • Communication with Icelandic authorities

If you want an exceptional service with personal touch contact us. You will not be disappointed.